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2010 Applications

The ONLINE application system is now available

All students must apply using our online application system.


Do NOT send us any of this material over e-mail or postal mail:

1) An Application Form (this form was used in the previous years. You can dowload it to have an idea of what will be requested from you when you fill in your application online)
2) An unofficial copy of your academic transcript.
3) A 1-page essay on research interests, previous research experience/training (if any), and how participation in the REU Program will contribute to the student's academic and professional development; students may indicate that they wish to work on one (or more) of the research projects proposed by mentors, and briefly explain why.
4) Two letters of recommendation from two respondents who are able to comment on the applicant’s academic ability and (if applicable) research ability. Those two persons can be from the student's current and/or past home institution. They can be persons the student did some research with in a lab (e.g., professors, post-doc, grad student), took classes with (e.g., professors, lecturers, graduate teaching assistants), or meet regularly with (e.g., faculty advisor). Although, generally speaking, professors who can write about the applicant's academic and research ability are preferred, applicants should feel free to ask  recommendation letters from persons who know them best.

No material will be accepted through postal mail or e-mail
(including essay, transcript, recommendation letters, etc.)
EVERYTHING must be submitted/uploaded online before the deadline
(March 18, 2010)

Remark #1: Our online application system is easy to use. You just need to follow instructions. First, you will need to register in our system (name, address, e-mail, password, etc.). Once you are registered, you can start filling in an application.
Remark #2: After you first submit your application, you will be able to edit it multiple times up to the DEADLINE: March 18, 2010, midnight (Pacific Time). To edit your application, you just need to log in (using your log in name and password) and access your application. After the deadline, you will only be able to view your application. It is your responsibility to make sure that your application is complete before March 18, 2010, midnight (Pacific Time). NO material will be accepted over postal mail or e-mail after the deadline.
Remark #3: Even your letters of recommendations will have to be submitted online BEFORE March 18: when you fill in your application online, you will be asked to provide names and address of two respondents who can write recommendation letters for you. When you submit your application, these two persons will receive automatic e-mails from us with a link to a webpage on which they will be able to upload their letters.
Remark #4: Our system is new. We have tested it several times and we know it runs fine. However, there might be issues that we overlooked. Feel free to contact Joseph NORRIS (jnorris@ucmerced.edu) if you run into a problem or if you have questions. We will do our best to answer in a timely manner.

We look forward to seeing your application: THANK YOU!!

to access our online application system

ONLY THE 8 STUDENTS WHO ARE SELECTED WILL BE CONTACTED: As soon as the selection process is closed (early April), an announcement will be posted on our website indicating that the selection process is closed: students who will not have been contacted will know that they were not selected. So, please check our website early April 2010 to see whether the selection process was closed or not.

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